With its patented easy-install design, Re-Grip provides a simple, economical method of replacing and enhancing a handle grip. It's as easy as "Slip It; Zip It and Re-Grip It". Re-Grip improves the handle grip on a variety of cylindrical and semi cylindrical objects such as hammers, wrenches, axes, picks, shovels, rakes, sports equipment, levers, flashlights, handlebars, automotive tools, wheelbarrows and more. Some of today's tools come with grips that are formed of soft material for comfort but they tend to fail before the tool breaks. Some grips are formed of a harder material to be more durable, but those grips generally sacrifice comfort. Replacement and supplementary grips are uncommon because handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and because replacing a handle is generally a difficult process. Some replacement grips are available but they tend to be very specific to a particular handle and application. Others are cheap and difficult to install. Re-Grip helps prevent blisters and protects products against UV rays. It is easy to install and non-slip for better control and safety. It's so affordable you can re-grip just about everything.