Elegant & Ornate

Stock Your Home® Steel Look plastic cutlery has a classic, refined look and design that seems like real
silverware. Use them as a replacement for conventional cutlery for big family meals or special events
and banquets. Your guests won't know the difference between these heavy-duty silver plastic forks
and real polished steel and silver ones.

Durable & Disposable

These heavyweight plastic silver forks are designed to withstand even the most temperature intensive
foods while maintaining their form and shape. They will last through the entire meal till they are thrown
out, or washed and reused for the next meal. Save clean up time by throwing them out after use, while
still enjoying the decorative and elegant accent they add to your event.

Save Time & Money

These durable plastic forks are easy replacements for conventional silverware. Save money with these
modern and elegantly styled forks instead of buying or renting hundreds of forks for your next big affair,
or save yourself the embarrassment of having 6 different sets of silverware spread throughout your
event. Save the time and effort needed to wash these fancy plastic forks by just tossing them after use
instead of laboriously washing them after a big meal.