Easily store your bulk dry goods like beans, oatmeal, rice, cereal, or flour in your kitchen cupboards or pantry.

Quickly access your stored food through the convenient sliding lid. It's easy to slide open and shut with one hand, and there is no need for complicated removal of a tight-fitting lid or for finding a place to put a removed lid in a busy kitchen!

Puts 5 gallons of storage in a most convenient form, fitting efficiently in most any kitchens. This is enough volume to store 25 pound bags of many varieties of dense bulk food, or 5 gallons of volume of lighter foods, which is a typical package size.

As you have probably found, whether you have just begun or are a long-time buyer of food in larger and bulk amounts, either online and big box stores, convenient and accessible home storage is very important. We are confident you will find that this storage bin will enhance your kitchen and add significant ease to your home storage.