(Candle Holder) : This is Hand-painted glass Mosaic Candle holder. It is handcrafted, colorful stained glass create the mosaic like effect. It can make a very unique and ethnic candle holder by the night. When lit up it makes a mesmerizing rainbow colored pattern all around it. (Flower Pot) : Mid Century Mosaics pots to match your house or garden. These flower pots are created for indoor or outdoor use. These pots are made of glass base that you can put soil and plants directly in them. We like to use these little pots like a flower vase on the outside of our mosaic studio on a shelf below the exterior windows. It's easier to change out the plants seasonally. If you want to decorate it on your study table, you can use it as pen holder also. This beautiful piece of art is having a good space to contain anything. So use it as your own way.