✔ Great Value combo set with a variety of functions for everyday use

✔ Kitchen tools that are a must have and everyone can enjoy

Here are some additional benefits:

★ Handy Leveraged Grip designed to open caps lids seals tabs bags and tops
★ Makes a great addition to any ones set of kitchen utensils
★ Easy to clean store and safe to put in the dishwasher
★ Makes the perfect gift for all ages
★ Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility or arthritis sufferers

✔ Add this to your cool kitchen tools today and have the strongest grip to open any food in your household

✔ As a free bonus we have included a handy food stuffer kitchen accessory

★ Instantly pop off lids easily open a variety of jars, cans, and bottles
★ Save your fingers and nails
★ Easily twist of soda caps and water bottles
★ Specially designed for those with arthritis and low strength
★ Use in the kitchen, bar, patio, poolside, or anywhere
★ Unique kitchen essential has a soft grip comfortable coating and made of stainless steel

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