Philips A19 LED light bulbs provide 800 lumens of soft white, dimmable light, equivalent to 60-watt incandescents with 60% less energy use. These bulbs fit standard medium base (E26) fixtures with the look and feel of a classic bulb. Not for use with Philips HUE products. These dimmable LEDs offer flicker-free, silent dimming that works with more dimmer switches than any other LED on the market. The soft white 2700-Kelvin light dims steadily to a comfortable glow just like traditional incandescent light bulbs. Best-in-class Philips LEDs provide turn on instantly with energy-efficient flicker-free, natural light at 1/4 of the energy of incandescents, 1/2 the energy of halogens and with 10X and 4X the lifespan respectively. Philips LEDs are mercury-free so they don't contribute to harmful hazardous waste. Classic A19 soft white light bulbs are perfect anywhere you need a balance of clarity and warmth with the flexibility of dimming. The E26 medium base fits standard fixtures on pendant, vanity, and bare lamps, providing soft white light with warm dimming. This pack of 8 dimmable A19 Philips LEDs comes with a 10-year warranty. Each bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours, saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement.