This cable wire gage is 20AWG !!! Not 22AWG(X)
(Please check the following informations before you order the goods, Thanks!!!)
Item: 3pins extension wire cable
Color: Red+Green+White as shown in the pictures.
Wire: 20m
Working Temperature 0~40C
Storage Temperature -20~60C
Material: Tinned copper wire
Feature: Flexible and multi-purpose
Wire number: 20AWG
Application: Connecting wire, LED DIY wire
Use for: Led product and more Electronic product

It's easy installed to RGB LED strip lighting system.
Reliable connect, good performance.
Easy cut,Welding, jointed with connectors are up to you.
Splitter connector adapter plug jack.
3-pin RGB extension cable line, designed for LED Strip WS2812B WS2812 WS2811 SK6812 LED light.

Package included:
1x 20M Mokungit 3pin 20AWG extension wire/cable