Best Wine Opener Bar Lever Corkscrew Convenient Bottle Openers Foil Cutter Cork

1.Product material:Alloy+PCmaterial,good stability
2.Product appearance:Image design,elephant shape
3.Scope of application:Red wine bottle,cork
4.Product size(CM):16*13.3*4.8
5.Package size(CM):22*14.5*5
7.Product opening time:2 seconds,speed openbottle
8.Product shell process:High gloss coating processing,feel good
9.Screwprocess:The surface of Teflon(PTEE Pplytetrafluoroethylene).Acid and alkali resistance,resistance to a variety of organic solvents,high temperature resistance,low friction coefficient

The Advantages OF VOTRON Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener

Perfect Choose for Father's Day gift
Ergonomic handle for sturdy uncorking performances
Easy to use and durable and uncork a bottle of wine in seconds
Corkscrew with Foil Cutter: Includes razor-sharp foil cutter to elegantly remove stubborn foils with no more than a smooth turn of hand, and an extra spiral worm as replacement.

STEP ONE:cutting tinfoil:Roating paper cutting cover 360 degree encircling bottlenck while pressing adjustable keyp

STEP TWO:begin to prepare:grip the bottle opener with left hand,push down the nut ok to proper position REDY with right hand OK,counter the long handle with right thumb to prevent the needle slide out,and then hitch it on the bottle

STEP THREE:grip the bottle opener with left hand,press to the desk,Downward press the long handle tailwith right hand,steel needle spining into the cork bottom,then upwardpull out the bottle cork

STEP FOUR:grip the lower part of bottle opener with left hand,downwardpush the cork out of the sleeve,then upwardscrew out the bottle cork,over.

Package included:
1*Wine Bottle Opener
1*User Manual