What makes this DayClox memory loss digital calendar day cycle clock so unique is that both the day and the month are fully spelled out, along with the cycle of the day! Many elders suffering from memory loss due to stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's or just advancing years, may have difficulty processing abbreviated words. Most clocks available today will abbreviate the month & the day. For example, November becomes Nov & February is Feb. The same is true for days of the week - Wednesday, is often displayed as Wed & Saturday as sat. This may be fine for the rest of the population, but for our loved ones with dementia, early stages Alzheimer's or just simple advancing years, these abbreviations are often too confusing to process. This day clock displays complete words only, no abbreviations. This clock bold and clear display is a great for elderly or vision impaired. This quiet reminder clock or 8" digital calendar day clock has the clearest & easiest to read display available. This clock has everything! It displays the full day, cycle of the day, time & date and it's not just for people with memory loss or as a dementia aid. Anyone can enjoy this wonderful clock.