Have you ever felt embrassed for your bloated front pocket with FAT wallet inside?

Have you ever had your identity stolen and your life ruined?

Have you ever consider to start a minimalist life style?

You absolutely deserve a new design card wallet!

RFID Blocking:

RFID is the technology enabling people to pay by touching the card reader with the debit or credit card.

It was invented to make people's life easier but thieves could steal your data with a special device.

RFID signals don't go through credit card holder wallet aluminum plates and helps to prevent RFID theft. Your data stays securely in your slim wallet.

Minimalist Design:

- Perfect men's wallet, slim credit card holder, small and convenient to use, easy to keep it in your back pocket.

- Premium aviation aluminum meterial prevents cards become bent and brittle.

- All cards slide out gradually with the automatic pop-up switch, stops the cards from damaging and falling out.

-No matter what you will be using it for, we will change the way you think about a wallet.

-It's simple, comfortable and intuitive. It doesn't matter if you plan on using it for sports or going

-About your day-to-day life, soon you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Item Color:Black

Item Weight: 2 oz

Item Size: 3.46" x 2.12" x 0.31"