Color: White

Your voice-control spearker is absolutely a funny and practical smarter, enabling us control most smart devices, do shopping and call someone.

But sometime you may feel that it will be perfect if

- Never mess long cord bunched up behind the speaker

- Save space of your counter top of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

- Move your speaker to more convenient locations without damaging the wall

- Hang it on the outlet with a lot cleaner and tidier look

Our Product is an incredibly elegant solution to fix these annoying and unattractive problems. It eliminates long wires and keep the voice-control spearker off the counter top. Great alternative to others that require drilling holes. The microphones and speakers are all exposed. It's nice to have it suspended off of the flat surface, which makes your voice-control spearker more easily catch your eyes and respond you.

So with this gadget, your dot will be not only smart device, but also an elegant home decoration. With the beauful package, it can be a great gift for your family and friends.

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Notes: ONLY FOR Echo Dot 2nd generation

Package includes: Short USB cord x 1, Outlet wall mount x 1